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  • katrynarael#

    katrynarael June 21, 2014 4:37:38 AM CEST

    Have you got a Youtube channel?? The video links you posted below this posted video don't seem to work.
    Or could you tell me the name of the two extra youtube videos you listed so that I can search for them, please.

  • Trip#

    Trip June 19, 2014 11:57:03 AM CEST

    I found this video very interesting ive not seen it before thank you, but im not trying to be funny it cut out before the end so I thought I would help look for the full one, I had a little look about and I found the full one theres a copy here at dtv, I hope this helps thank you.


  • Tyrssen#

    Tyrssen June 17, 2014 6:30:47 PM CEST

    While I have good reason to believe that this report is basically accurate, I'd be a lot more impressed if someone had gotten a photo of that flying disc that we are told hung over the battle of Kursk; and if the Byrd expedition got "thousands of photos," why can't we seem to find one, just one, showing these craft that engaged them?

    The engine that Viktor Shauberger is pictured with is not an aircraft engine, it's a prototype of his powerplant for an off-the-grid home. And the photos of the carvings of the Egyptian temple at Abydos, showing modern and unknown craft, were more likely the result of a "seer" of the time -- an ancient "Edgar Cayce," so to speak -- recording his visions in stone. Eminent Egyptologists blow it off as "overstrikes," but that adds up to far too much coincidence to be believed.

    The Piri Riis map is in dispute. It may show an ice-free Antarctica, or as others have stated, it may be a representation of South American coast, bent around on the parchment. Antique maps weren't stunningly accurate.

    For the truth behind a lot of this, see "Conversations with Fraulein Maria" on Kindle Ebooks.

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