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Researchers Found A 10,000-Year-Old Stone Structure Like Stonehenge Under Lake Michigan

Researchers Found A 10,000-Year-Old Stone Structure Like Stonehenge Under Lake Michigan

Mark Holley, a College professor specializing in underwater archaeology, released his findings of a Stonehenge-like structure that has gone virtually unnoticed by everyone since 2007.

While Stonehenge itself attracts visitors on a yearly basis, the 40 foot deep and possibly ten millennia old formation under Lake Michigan has garnered little attention.

Using new sonar technology, Professor Holley intended to search for evidence of old sea wrecks, and in the process, he gathered startling and mysterious underwater telemetry of a circular stone arrangement. Upon one of the stone, there also appeared to be a carving of what may be a mastodon. The mastodon, an elephant-like beast with long, curved tusks, lived in North America until its demise somewhere around ten to eleven thousand years ago. There is much evidence to suggest that these creatures were hunted by humans of the period. The stones themselves, like Stonehenge, are set up in a way that seems too deliberate to be a coincidence. Divers obtained photographs and footage of the setup, however experts in the field would need to make the dive themselves, and here Holley believes the catch- none of them dive and therefore rely on the pictures.

There is a precedent for stones of these types to be used by humans over the millennia in the region to carve and arrange the stones in a meaningful way. This finding did create a small academic interest at the time, but little has been made of it since apart from a few lighthearted articles.

Lake Michigan has been the site for many unfortunate sea mishaps including shipwrecks and plane crashes. A ClickonDetroit piece from January 2017 claims the area to be a sort of "Bermuda Triangle" and wonders at the involvement of the ancient rock formation beneath the waves as possibly creating the effect.

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