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Massive Sydney and California Tsunamis coming?

Massive Sydney and California Tsunamis coming?
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August 7, 2012 - You might remember the man who apparently predicted the Japanese earthquake and tsunami: Mitchell Combes? Story is that he posted a 104 hour countdown to the earthquake on his Facebook page and got it 100% correct. Different thoughts and ideas circulate as to whether that was a legit prediction or not.

Nonetheless he has just posted his first real prediciton since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and if he is correct, we are in for a massive global incident very shortly.

Here is what he posted about 45 minutes ago on his Facebook page (see image above):

"Ok everyone, you've been warned of what's to come, we are getting extremely close to the 104 hour tsunami warning. I strongly advise that if you live on the east coast of NSW and west coast of USA, have your evacuation gear ready to go as soon as possible. I said on March 11 that California would be next after Japan's countdown... Sydney's earthquake will be magnitude 9.5, California's earthquake will be magnitude 9.6, followed by two 9.4's, all of these tsunamis will be created in the same exact hour."

Will he be correct?

When asked how far inland these tsunamis would reach and when exactly he will give his 104 hour countdown he replied, "70 miles inland. Days..."

He is describing an unprecedented event that would pretty much change the face of the planet - if correct, nothing to be taken lightly.

Coombes states he hacks into HAARP and once the HAARP personnel fire up the array, they cannot simply shut it down. In other words, once the process has begun, the exercise is a done deal. From the moment the array is fired up, says Coombes, there are approximately 104 hours before the destruction occurs and the process cannot be aborted.

Coombes maintains that he will ONLY give the 104-hour alert once the array start-up process has already begun.

Thus, once the countdown announcement has been given, he cannot recant without being exposed as a fraud.

Make of it what you will, just thought it could be handy to post in here, just in case. Me personally, i'm not buying it. Not saying he is being sinister or intentionally misleading, but I just don't think it will happen.

What does everyone think? Who knows... are these massive Army moves related:


  • Mato111#

    Mato111 wrote August 10, 2012 9:51:19 PM CEST

    this idiot should be jailed for scaring people.f...this

  • Thepriceisright#

    Thepriceisright wrote August 10, 2012 2:11:34 PM CEST

    and i saw that video of the tanks years ago, so it can't possibly be 7.8.12 !

  • Thepriceisright#

    Thepriceisright wrote August 10, 2012 2:10:47 PM CEST

    nonsense. you can change the date on facebook posts with their new timeline design!
    the integrity of the front page news on this site is going down hill... sort it out!

  • *WillEase*#

    *WillEase* wrote August 8, 2012 3:21:52 AM CEST

    In case you are curious if this guy really did predict the Japan disaster...

  • Vertigo#

    Vertigo wrote August 7, 2012 11:56:57 PM CEST

    well the japan eq didnt need no planet x to occur. the possibility of large eqs exist and if this guy was correct with the last, u could at least be on alert for your own good. nothing wrong with paying attention to it IMO. a full tank of gas and some bottles of water wont hurt anyone, you dont have to be a doomsday prepper, just walk around with eyes open thats all...

  • Rahkriga#

    Rahkriga wrote August 7, 2012 11:40:08 PM CEST

    Anybody else find it funny how if YOU go and look for this planet x....you never see it...but someone is always uploading some wierd vid of it being there? If these vids were real...wouldnt we see vids from around the world? Why it be there for some people and not for others?? Most people dont realize that the cameras on your iphones and android are NOT equipped to handle the bright light generated by the sun, so all they create is a black blob. Disinformationist take advantage of the fact that people dont know this. this nibiru shit is a giant hoax. The way people just throw physics out the window to entertain this crap is shameful. Seriously..you fools need to take a field trip to your nearest observatory...THERE IS NO ROGUE PLANET DANCING AROUND OUR SKIES!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!

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