Blacknose Sheep Make Great Pets And Look Like Stuffed Animals

Blacknose Sheep Make Great Pets And Look Like Stuffed Animals

Buying and adopting pets has hit an all-time high under lockdown with conditions with many animal rescue centers reporting completely empty cages for the first time in their histories. With all these new dogs and cats filling the homes of the nation, some people might be craving a new furry friend for their own home, and if dogs and cats aren’t your things perhaps you might be interested in the Valais sheep?

Black Nose Valais Sheep Blacknose Breed

Valais sheep, otherwise known as Blacknose sheep, hail from the Valais region of Switzerland. These animals are characterized by their spiral horns and distinctive black faces from which their name derives. They are prized by Swiss farmers for their coarse, sturdy wool which is used to make carpets, rugs, foot mats, and wall hangings in their native country. They are also completely and utterly adorable! Look!

Valais Blacknose Nz Poll Dorset

In recent years, more and more people in Switzerland have caved to the temptation to keep one of these gorgeous little critters as pets, and apparently, Blacknose sheep are loving their moves from farms to domestic life. The animals are very gentle, friendly and take easily to training which makes them ideal family pets. They are also very relaxed creatures and so they can be trusted not to make too much of a mess of the garden.

For people outside of Switzerland looking to take a Valais sheep into their home, it could be a difficult process. These friendly animals are next to impossible to find in pedigree form outside of their native country. However, it is the case that farmers in some countries such as the United States of America have been cross-breeding Valais sheep with more commonplace breeds since 2016 which means that it is conceivable that American consumers could get their hands on one of these fluffy love clouds.


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