Antimatter Spacecraft Propulsion the Future is Now

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New HD Trailer: Antimatter The Future is Now:

I made the 21 minute video here on with my mothers computer. Somebody gave me a very generous donation for $500 who wants to remain anonymous so I can build myself a computer to finish my documentaries. The HD trailer is a look at what I am doing with my own computer now, much faster.

I am making a documentary about antimatter/space settlements/spacecraft propulsion and sustainability, check my youtube channel for when I am done

Download this video:


Youtube has recently taken away my right to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, in fact while uploading this 21 minute video the notification saying my account has been enabled for uploads longer than 15 minutes was still there. I have videos in my channel longer than 15 minutes, one video "Solutions to Economic Collapse" was uploaded on June 7th, 2011 and is 29 minutes.

Look in my youtube channel for evidence of the videos longer than 15 minutes, if you look hard enough you can see when my account was enabled for uploads longer than 15 minutes.

The Future is Now
NASA=Never A Straight Answer

Current fuels/ethanols, oils, plastics, and most products are toxic to the environment and human health. Hemp products are non-toxic and healthy for the planet. When food, fuels, plastics, fibre, medicine are grown locally energy consumption dramatically reduces.

Cannabis is an antioxidant and neuroprotectant, which is a lot better than the synthetic THC, which does not have all the natural compounds real cannabis does.

I see no real reasoning why my video would be rejected when I had a notification at the top of the youtube uploading screen While uploading this 21 minute Antimatter video saying my account was enabled for uploads longer than 15 minutes. I cut down the video to 14 minutes 55 seconds just for youtube. I am used copyright material lawfully it is called Fair Dealing in Kanada or Fair Use in Amerika.

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